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This FAQ summary forms an integral part of our sales and support services and has been compiled accurately and with care on the basis of data and designs provided by utility companies,  municipal services, architect, structural engineer and advisers for the plan. Nevertheless, a reservation must be made regarding architectural and constructional changes, as well as any deviations that may arise from further requirements and wishes on the part of the authorities and/or utilities companies. The materials and dimensions indicated are indicative. In reality, (minor) deviations due to construction methods and/or government regulations and/or utility companies may be possible regarding the description and the drawings, without any rights being derived from this.

If you have any further questions which have not been addressed in one of the 14 categories mentioned below, we kindly invite you to contact us and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. Note: all questions and answers have been organised in 14 categories. Then choose a categories and click on a numbered question of interest.

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