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The land is secured, We bought Cerro Mouro!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Our team just stepped out of the notary office with a huge smile on our face :-) because with some great help we finally bought the Cerro Mouro land. We are back in business and totally ready to sell to those who are interested in buying their ECO Luxe villa. . . but first a toast.

Below in the picture, from left to right:

William van Beuningen, Karin Sligting, Dave Hemminga, Ash Naidu

Below in the picture witness my serious business face :-)


Also we would take the opportunity and share our special thanks to: the very kind former owners, João Matos our legal advisor and Anita Goede (in the picture) and José Borba from C21 for helping us with the process which took some extra time and demanded their extra patience. THANK YOU!

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